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But do you know what kind of timeframe Vornskr is likely to be decomissioned?

I'm somewhat of the same mind as you, Lynk. I'm a bit attached to my character name (maybe not to the same degree), although I suspect it isn't as likely to be taken already on other servers, and I don't have a legacy name yet.

My bigger concern frankly is many of the people of the Carpets moving on from the game. SP style of play for me is ok to level 50 (which will take me a long time), and that is basically the way I am playing now, but no small part of the incentive to get to 50 is to be able play with you guys as a group. I don't have a whole lot of interested just playing with random people I don't know.

Honestly, if you guys all stuck on Vornskr until we were forced off, I'd do the same since in the end you are the only guys I care about anyway.

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