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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Honestly, if you guys all stuck on Vornskr until we were forced off, I'd do the same since in the end you are the only guys I care about anyway.
I would Prime, believe me I hate the idea of leaving Lynk or any of you behind. However, we have never had the numbers to pull off Ops as a guild, most likely never would with the casual nature of our guild.

That is why Jeff, Lynk, Mav and Kus got us involved with Casual Alliance. Like you I had no interest in playing with strangers, but I have grown to really like those guys and gals and I also feel a sense of loyalty to them. When the transfers came up, my first thought was staying with them no matter what because without them I would have never got Brem geared. My thinking was also the guild officers would be for that too. I am also very thankful to the guild too and my loyalty is with it 1st and foremost, but for the guild members over 50 staying isn't a option unless leveling new toon is their only interest.

I hate that Lynk isn't going, the game has become far less important to me now, but I will be transferring most of my toons. I'm pretty sure Jeff and Mav have already started their transfers, so the guild is moving.

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