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I'm on it now too. My Trooper is named Hayne. My Agent is named Aegean.

Had to change both's names to get on Harbinger. Trooper's name was taken, he was Porter, after my nephew born a week before TOR's launch. Luckily his middle name was available, thus Hayne.

Daryl was taken for my Agent, so I went with Aegean, a name I used in SWG for a time.

Damn it's gonna take some getting used to those. Porter was such a strong name, and Daryl so slick(named after The Walking Dead's Daryl). Plus I used them both for months on Space Slug, so they felt comfortable.

Oh well, at least my legacy name wasn't taken. Ganath is my legacy name. Who knew the name of an obscure world in Hutt Space that is home to a species that has a slow form of FTL travel using steam-power who only showed up in a single comic issue wouldn't be in high demand? :P

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