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Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
I didn't test it afterwards, sorry. But everything worked fine with the Sith armor equipped. The spy approached me, then the whole gang fight. Also, I was surprised when I went into the apartments. I like that it's at least populated now. Nice touch

EDIT: Just finished the Matrik quest... People stood right in front of the apartment, meaning witnesses. Not a real problem, just thought it was funny.
EDIT 2: Well I like how you guys fixed the one bug where if you talked to Hendar after saving him from the rakghoul, you would get LS Points, but if you talked to Hesther, you wouldn't - or was it the other way around? I forget. But there is another bug in the Undercity that wasn't resolved, and this one's more troublesome:
Show spoiler
In regards to edit 1, I'll see about fixing that just for realism's sake.

As for edit 2, we didn't touch anything regarding the rakghoul serum in the Undercity so that may well be a vanilla bug.

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