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It's obvious from the very beginning that the Necromorphs were heavily inspired by The Thing, and Dead Space 3 takes that connection to the next level with the mutations that occur depending on how you dismember your targets now... one thing that worries me is that if I start shooting out a Necromorphs legs, will they mutate into a Leaper? That scares the hell out of me cause Leapers tend to be the most dangerous Necromorphs out of them all, especially in Dead Space 2. One really interesting thing about the end of the demo is that that boss they called The Nexus looks like a more advanced or a different form of The Hivemind from the first Dead Space... very interesting.

I also liked that they made it a point to show both single and co-op and the differences they produce in the game. We've talked about this before in the thread and they finally showed it happening.

Oh, also, I like the way Isaac is looking in this game, he looks totally stressed out and the emotional and psychological affects of dealing with Necromorphs is really getting to him. Though at the same time, instead of like in the first two games where he's ended up being forced to endure each outbreak, in Dead Space 3 he's gone from hunted to hunter and is actively trying to stop both the EarthGov and the Unitologists from using the marker.

Of course, to complicate that, the only other person he trusts in the universe goes missing and he ends up being conflicted between his mission and making sure Ellie is okay... which makes the John Carver character much needed since Isaac will need an opposing force to try to keep him back on track to their primary objective. You can already see the tension between them and it makes me wonder how far they'll take it. Be interesting if suddenly your co-op partner becomes the target for a part during the game.

Finally, for anyone who's interested...

Isaac in Dead Space 1 (original model, early 40s looking, well fed, rested, a normal guy)

Isaac in Dead Space 2 (newer model based on Gunner Wright, Isaac's voice actor, looks more like he's in his early 30s, hairline change, underfed, tired, stressed, stubble, generally unhappy)

Isaac in Dead Space 3 (using Gunner Wrights face as a base again, hair grown out, bearded, even more tired, even more stressed, generally looks like he's sick of this **** but has no choice, not that he did in the first place)

For the Dead Space 3 model, I kind of see it going back and taking some subtle cues from the original model and combining it with the elements on the Gunner Wright based one from Dead Space 2. |

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