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Originally Posted by bendarby24 View Post
ok how to explian? ok, when playing tslcrm you get the option of killing a couple of party mebers at malacore, so 2 die then at malacore. then after that mira can die if you fail to kill hannhar, then visa and handmadan have a fight if you have low influnce with handmaiden, so one of them die. after that atton faces darth sion so if you fail he dies. finaly hk 47 kills goto. so in malacore overal all your party members can die if you know how to do it. this mean in a short amount of time a lot of your freinds have died after fighting incredable odds through the game. i just think it unbelvable that no one dies and then you have the option of every singal one of them dieing at ones! that why i like my idea of have a recruitable person you can kill off in the middle so its more belevable and creates a sad atmophere
I now understand. And I too, like that idea. It would add more realism, and make the player remember that he is not a god
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