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Hello again everyone, I have been testing the restoration mod on a new save and I have found a few things(bugs maybe) that I would like to post here.

The first thing is that the game is a little slower than before(I have been running with Anisotropy filter x16 and High graphics, impossible difficulty ) Before I installed the mod everything was going great now it is a bit laggy , very little almost unnoticeable but it's there. Also the cinematics take some more time to load and they are going a bit slower too. And another thing is when the sith officer on taris invites you to the party none of the npcs there fall down and the sith officer disappears and the quest is not advancing. I am still on taris and there are considerable changes and I enjoy the mod!

P.S. I have a question with what mods is it compatible? What about mods that alter the points you spend on feats and jedi powers?

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