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Hello again. I believe you and my predecessor (the carjacker) had talked in the past. I killed him to rid the galaxy of his blight.

This sounds like Aryn Leneer in Deceived, and Bastilla in Revan.

Probably the jist of what I'd tell her is take awhile to learn what life is like away from the force, and just live a regular person if she really thinks she's that far removed from regular life. Gauge all her strengths and weaknesses outside her life as a Jedi, work at them.

Once she believes she has gained enough perspective and is otherwise well enough off, she can decide then what her next move should be. If she wanted to try to be an unorthodox Jedi, as it would seem that is the trend, she's free to try it. Or if she wanted to give it up, the cloak'n'robes, altogether, that might do her well. Or she may well decide after a long trail of bad experiences to go back.

In a nutshell: the world (as in not just a single planet) is a wondrous place. No telling where you could end up.

Actually, if she decided she indeed wanted to stay on a single world, she'd probably find exclusive discoveries and joys not found travelling in all the galaxy.

Basty you can pretty much guess what happened.

Aryn Leneer decided she'd "needed a change". If I tell you much more, it'll spoil Deceived. In fact this may already have done it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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