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TOR ate my KotOR
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What is your greatest The Old Republic Moment?

Mine was tonight, kind of happened in one of my failures, but who cares. We were doing HM Eternity Vault, really good run up until SOA. My smuggler even was fairly quick in downing the boss in the infernal council. Was about the 5th or 6th one finished, which I consider really good for a smuggler healer.

Got to SOA feeling really confident in the group one shot him, but we wiped two are three times… Not really sure why, we missed some ancient power sources (not likely with this group) or a bug (my general thought), any ways was starting to think here we go again. Anyways we finally got things going well on our last run, but someone fell on the way down to the final fight with SOA… then we got a little bad luck with lighting ball and the mind trap, still we were making good progress with DPS and the tank was doing a very good job. Then towards the last 10% they yelled everyone DPS, knowing we were down a person I put an all out effort into my DPS skills (or lack thereof). Problem here is it cost me a bunch of energy in the process, I was hoping he would die, but he got back his shield with 2 or 3 percent HP left, so we had to get him under 1 more Pillar. Now the tank was in dire need of a heal, my energy is gone so I get to work healing him as best I could, but I messed up and threw out the big life saving heal just as the tank died. The offtank was already dead. Pretty sure he was the one that fell at the start of stage 3. It just so happened that the big heal I thrown out as the tank died put the agro on my little healer and I heard the yell to get him under the last pillar. Now as a healer I have never even seen the pillars except when they fell on me or someone that I was healing. In a fight my eyes are pretty glued to the ops health bars. I guess they figured this out and yell for me to get him to the center of the room. I threw out some heals to DPS as I kited him toward the center. Pretty much knew I was done for, but wanted to give them the best chance possible to finish him off. The smugglers moving heals are not that great, but I managed a couple and then died at the center of the room as the pillar knocked down SOA final shield. The DPS mowed him down rather quickly. So all ended perfectly and normally, I’m not sure Brem has ever finished that fight on her feet except in a mindtrap… However, I felt pretty good that I didn’t panic with him chasing me and either jump out of combat or surrender. Most likely looked like a idiot running around in circles trying to see the pillar, but I am rather proud that we got it done.

I’m signing Brem up to be off tank in the next HM ops.

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