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Ah, interesting

Hmm yeah I don't know how it compiles really, I'm just everytime doing first BSP -meta, then a (single test) -light -fast.
The weird part with a light emitting shader I have, is that in multiplayer it seems fine. In singleplayer, it's acting brighter than the other textures.

The weird part: My friend sees it the way it should be, in singleplayer too. Which leaves me with the suspicion that it might have something to do with my quite incompatible ATI graphics driver (laptop). I have a fix to be able to play the game, but it has proven to give some decreased graphics at certain areas.

Possible workaround for switchable lights:

I managed to make a test, and it's a bit farfetched, but depending on the complexity of your map, it could be useful.

Light emitting shader + a copy of the texture you're using, but without a light emitting shader on it. Then Func_usable on the light emitting surfaces + the non-light emitting surfaces, and two triggers in the same position, with use_button checked. This way, when you click the light switch, the wall or floor or whatever you're making will instantly be replaced by a wall or floor with different texture (but looks the same).

I've seen multiplayer maps with both weather and ladders too, and possibly toggled stuff as well, but not sure about that. I think Grand Flaw has some of these features.

I'm actually in the process of making a singleplayer campaign, and thus I plan to change stuff even in the code, if necessary (and possible, for one like me). We're talking about adding weapons (or replacing for that matter), changing speed of shots, damage, and generally stitching storylines and levels together with common single player features, so I suppose I'll also need to look into the "code" (*says with a spooky voice*).
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