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Datacron Run Open to all LF Members on The Harbinger

Got a request to do a datacron run for The Walking Carpets, after being contacted by a few non-TWC on The Harbinger, figured we may as well open this up to all Lucas Forums Members and since the TWC are in a alliance with Casual Alliance it makes sense to me invite any of them too. If you have any friends, they are invited too.

I was thinking we would do this in phases, my question to you are you interested?

What day of the week would work best for you?

What time would work best for you?

Would you want to do this in one day or break it up to a three or 4 days?

Which phase(s) are you interested in?

Phase I – Tython (1-10), Ord Mantell (1-10), Coruscant (10-16), Taris (16-20) and Nar Shaddaa (20-24)

Phase 2 –Tatooine (24 -28) Alderaan (28-32), Balmorra (32-36), Quesh (36-37) and Hoth (37-41)

Phase 3 – Belsavis (41-44), Voss (44-47), Corellia (47-50) and Illum (50)

Phase 4 – Republic Fleet (must be level 50 for this one) We would also need at least 6 people for it, but I would not want to do it without more than that.

My preference is the weekend. Beyond that I don't care, I'm willing to go anytime.

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