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@ Red Hessian: If BioWare tried to actually have people PAY for this "Extended Cut" then the amount of rage launched toward them for doing so would be 10 times as much as what they got for the ending itself...

No, this is the safer thing to do for them in terms of appeasing as many people as they can, and even without knowing the content of this "Extended Cut" I can bet that it'll most likely please people enough that it'll put BioWare back on their good side. It won't be everyone, but enough...

Either way, no one's forcing anyone to go back and play ME3 if they don't want to... or to even download the Extended Cut. This really is for the people who care enough to get it... now all we have to do is wait for it to come out, see what people think and if it enrages or calms them down... |

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