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Well, I love this game so far and wish I could play it more often that I do. But you're right, the game goes on. So, I suppose I should answer all the questions you posed, eh?

Day of the week: Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday would work best for me (although if I knew ahead of time, I could possibly join you all for this on a weekday)

Time: I'm in the UK, so there's not going to be a convenient time for me. 7pm PST is like 3am for me, but I'm good with that if I can plan ahead for it.

One day v Multi days: I'm more up for a multi-day challenge and to get the world bosses if they are available when we are there.

Phases: Interested in all of them. I need all the extra stat points I can get! I just have to wait a bit for some of the Phase 3's and the Phase 4 one, as I'm only level 42.

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