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The Harvester-class Motherland VI patrolled the area surrounding Gehenna. It turned just before the moon, since the admiral had restricted the fleet to orbiting Gehenna. The Motherland VI was armed with heavy cannons, with firepower similar to the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It could destroy any enemy vessel within seconds. It was equipped with the newest technology available and had a GFG and AA guns installed to withstand attacks from smaller ships, such as fighters. If the GFG failed, the Motherland VI could count on its heavy plating and anti-missile defenses. It was one of the many Harvester-class battleships of the navy.

The Motherland VI was being refueled by tanker ships when a pair of bombers with a fighter escort opened fire. The GFG protected the ship but the tankers weren't that lucky. The bombers dropped their payload onto the ships, who burst into flames and exploded. The GFG protected the Motherland VI from the floating wreckage but it was damaged by the explosion nevertheless. It's left engine had failed, which caused the ship to bank right with dangerous speed, heading to Gehenna's sun with enormous speed.

''Reroute power from weaponry to emergency system!'' The captain of the Motherland VI said to the crew.
''Systems not responding. GFG is losing power.'' One of the navigators reported.
''Evacuate the ship! Everyone, into the lifeboats!'' The captain ordered, but it was already too late.

The heat shields had failed and the Motherland VI turned into one giant fireball. A few men managed to get into a lifeboat and leave the ship, but the lifeboats were caught on fire and everyone inside was killed.

The pride of the Navy was destroyed when it touched the sun's surface. The crew was disintegrated immediately, though some managed to survive in the lower decks. Then the ammunition blew up, creating a explosion which destroyed the asteroid field which was thousands of miles away. Any ship within hundred thousand miles was destroyed or heavily damaged.

Meanwhile, the bombers and their escort prepared to jump to FTL. Inside where not the Prospectors nor the Can'Tores. They were a blue humanoids, with little packs of spikes growing on their head. Humanity had gained another enemy.
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