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Originally Posted by Darth D View Post
Hello again ! I have another issue to post...on taris , undercity , when you give the rakghoul serum to the republic officer next to space pod and (blah blah blah) he hears something and a rakghoul attacks him. The first hit is fine(he is not dying) and then the scene/cinematic stops there with the rakghoul staring at the officer, I reloaded the game 3 times and still the same. I am posting it here because I had impossible difficulty . When I changed into difficult the republic officer died with the first hit and the cinematic/scene ending.

P.S. I hope I am not disturbing you in any way, I am saying this because I posted a lot of times here ...
Hmmm, I'll look into that. Strange that it only happened while you had the impossible difficulty on....

And don't worry, it's great that you're reporting bugs. It'd be a real bother if you found some but never told anyone.

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