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This is a slightly random thought, HR, but to get particular animations to run (like the new combat animations, say), have you considered the "special walk" item property? It's listed as row 52 in itempropdef.2da, and is defined by iprp_walk.2da, which consists of two columns (in addition to the (Row Label) column), called "name" and "label". "name" has a number (1008 and 1009 are the two current values), and "label" has "Default" (corresponds to 1008) and "ZombieWalk" (corresponds to 1009).

I'm assuming these are the animation number (1008 for normal walking, 1009 for zombie walk). I just thought this might potentially be useful as a way to get animations to fire, given that the property can be added to any equippable item.

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