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Since you have to have a save before the Attack on the Cerberus base,...I'm guessing we will see scenes about How the Citadel moved and info on who got out before it was moved.

Fingers cross with being able to argue with the Star Kid, even if it doesn't change the outcome,...just like the option to argue with it, Bad Star child!..Go to your Room and take your Space Magic with you! lol

Over all I just want them to make it flow better and make more sense - Meaning less just saying to the player ,use your imagination-

I'm not looking for a new ending but would be interesting if these tease anything with the Indoctrinate theory, but doubt that, ....All I want it to do is fill in the blanks and not allow me to feel like the universe is doomed...Thats all..Then I could do a second playthrough...(fingers cross)

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