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Originally Posted by Darth D View Post
Yes you are probably right , it would be fun though. A quest that goes something like overthrow Ajuur .
Yeah, but that would be a whole separate mod.

Anyway, I've fixed the bugs reported in the Lower City Apartments (Basically just the realism breaking when the citizens witness Matrik.). I've also fixed the Black Vulkar Base issue in which you could just skip over the entire sublevel. Now you HAVE to do it. Now it's on to the Undercity!

EDIT: Fixed all the undercity bugs... almost. Before I go mess with the Republic Soldier dialogue I was wondering, has anyone been able to repeat the glitch that Darth D had, where the Republic soldier would not die whilst playing on the impossible difficulty?

EDIT 2: I've fixed the Dantooine issue in which you could not complete the Rickard and Handon and Bolook sidequest. Still waiting to see if anyone else encountered the impossible difficulty bug...

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