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Need a modders favor..

Hey guys..

I need a favor which would make this mod Im kinda working on go smoother and timelier, since I dont have much time to mod anymore and have fallen out of it as of late.

Basically I just need someone that knows what they are doing to take Shem's "Bao-Dur wears Jedi Robes" head model and make a copy of it (with animations, i cant seem to be able to retain the head animations), with a newly renamed head texture (P_ZabrakH), and then renaming the head to P_ZabrakH.mdl/.mdx.

Pretty simple right?

Basically this will be a new playable Zabrak head that would have a normal player body so that he could wear robes and such..I was successful in making the new P_Zabrak head, but the animations were missing, I dont know if that was from Shem's head model or something I wasnt doing, but the skins are being worked on to the best of my ability.

Who's game?

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