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Okay as a noob to MMOs, what is the proper MMO etiquette when someone is having serious connection problems that jeopardize the group activity?

I mean if I keep disconnecting during a ops should the group just throw me out? What if it is Mav (TWC Guild Master) having trouble and the group throws him out? Should I leave too?

My personal view is if I am having problems that is hurting the group, I am more than willing to leave if the group can find a replacement.

Not sure about the Mav example, but if I am the one getting thrown out because of connection problems or that I just plain stink, I expect everyone of you to stay. Unless I'm just a complete jerk, I will understand and to me not letting down the group is more important...Well that and the chance you could upgrade your gear.

But what is the proper MMO etiquette? Had something like this happen recently and I would like to know from MMO veterans.

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