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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Maybe this is just uninformed but...i7 has no onboard video so, won't you be using up (read:wasting) your video card on non-gaming and non-performance duties? I was under the impression that unless you're only going to be using i7 systems for stuff which demands performance, it'd be a better idea to get an i5 so you can switch back to onboard video for your regular applications.

*shrug* I'm just bringing this up because I don't like hearing how people spend big $$$ on top of the line stuff, only to mistakenly drive it into the ground, often during something important. Just looking out, that's all. I know you're probably not rich, buuuuut If I were you I'd get a cheaper one for schoolwork and get the one you want only for gaming. Take this for what you will.

Well the i7 and i5 series of CPUs also differ in performance, and can make an impact in even non-gaming activities (on a laptop especially).

And who knows - what if I do some extremely light gaming on it, or want to watch/edit 1080p movies? Or perhaps even do some media editing (photo or video)?

But I'm getting this variant because of two main things - the 1080p display, and because it's the only one you can pop open and modify (for the RAM/HDD).

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