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To clarify on the picture thing:

You can see both the picture, and Kyle's reflection in the picture. It's because there is a portal thing. What I want is to let the cat picture's alpha channel (which is grey) moderate the portal's transparency, like making the portal less reflecting (if portal is the right word in this context). I don't remember how I did it, but somehow I used a blendmode I can't remember (and can't rediscover) and blended the two stages with each other, where one of the stages was a copy of the catpicture, just in TGA format (with grey alpha channel), while the original catpicture was still jpg. So jpg blended with a tga, they looked the same, but one of them had an alpha channel. It looked good, it did what I wanted, but then I got a better idea, because I didn't want to duplicate all the pictures I would have in the entire campaign, just to get that effect, because it would really add a lot of unnecessary space. So my idea was to instead of blending jpg with tga, when they both looked the same visually, was to only use the tga file (which had an alpha channel), and blend the visual image in it, with its own alpha channel, to achieve the same effect, and to only use one picture instead of two. After this idea, there's a blank void in my memory timeline, and I can't remember how I messed it up.

I hope that made sense
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