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Originally Posted by Yukub View Post
And with that, I don't mean fallout or something like that. I have some ideas brewing inside my head, and I have one about a religious extremist that stages a third world war to cover his plans, which is gathering followers to his cause and house them in a shelter he calls the ''Ark''. He gathers components for his mega-bomb, the ''Relevation''. He has work decades on it, and is now in the final stations. It has enough power to destroy most of Earth. Now a special agent has to track the extremist down and disable the bomb.

That is the idea ^^

Anyone interested in such a story?
I won't vote, but I'd like to see it. However read the earlier postings where Christos and I argued about what a simple bomb can or cannot do...

If you'd like, I can give you some pointers on how to pul it off.

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