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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
So, where am I up to now then?

New player characters – sorted.
New underwear for everyone, including PCs - sorted.
New outfit for the male pc – sorted.
Planet retextures – Everything finished (about 10 modules needed doing. Not any more.).
Movies – About 12 more to go (out of 30).
Populating emptier modules – sorted.
Creating and adding new placeables to modules – sorted (see pics below).
New appearance for chancellor’s guards – sorted.
New assassination missions added.

Well over a hundred bugs fixed thanks to my beta testers. I think the first half of the game is sorted.

Voice actors for all the main parts are now sorted, and many of them sound really good.

Time for some pics :

The female and male PCs each have new underwear, as do the rest of the party members. Nothing too naughty, just something that looks different and decent.

Show spoiler

I created some barns/farmhouses and spread them around telos to make it look more like a farming community.

Show spoiler

Apart from filling up the streets with as many placeables I could find in the game that made sense, I created two entirely new placeables for Coruscant ; A free standing advert (with four variations), and a bridge to cross overhead occasionally. Looks much more 'Coruscanty' to me now, especially when I fill it up with even more people.

Show spoiler

Remember those dodgy looking Calo Nord based private guards from the orginal? Well, now we have these.

Show spoiler

As soon as I have a few more voice actors deliver their lines, I should have a cool looking trailer too.

Still looking for volunteers for smaller parts of around five to ten lines each!

All I need is for you to record some basic mp3s then send them to me. PM me if interested!
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