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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Again, if you were willing to wait, Ivy Bridge would be the way to go in terms of the overall performance and power consumption scale.

This is an Ivy Bridge-equipped notebook.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
$1200? Are you going to be doing much gaming on it? Even so, $1200? SRSLY?

1) The Intel HD 4000 that makes up the GPU half of mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs can even play Crysis at decent settings. There's no longer any need to pay for discrete graphics on a laptop unless you're getting it specifically for gaming.

2) ASUS makes quality 14" laptops that go on sale for < $400. My brother-in-law just bought one with an i3 2350M (2.3GHz) and I was amazed at how well-put-together it was. He added a 240GB SSD, put the included platter drive in a USB 3.0 external enclosure and the thing just flies. Total cost: < $600.

Yes, because virtually all quality laptops with a 1080p screen are about that price. And 1080p is mandatory for me. I cannot stand low resolution displays.

Gaming I do on my hand-built desktop.

Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Impact as in...what?

I'm looking into options for a custom beast myself, so I certainly understand the urge you have to want the biggest and baddest. I'm sure the emotional aspect of it is testosterone driven to some extent. Let's maybe take a step back for a minute. Unless you're doing enthusiast level stuff, hyper-threading, cutting edge programming, or just running multiple instances of 1-3 programs at once, I really don't think you'll need an i7's processing power.

What exactly are your priorities with this ideal dream-machine?

RAM and vidcard are primary determinants for gaming and multimedia. Processing helps but only to a point. It's marginal after that point. You have to think if you're giving the graphical processing to the vid cards which is the brunt of it in gaming and multimedia, the processor only handles the mere remainder.

Gaming is the most demanding, multimedia second or third. Enthusiast level benchmarking jockeys around those two if I'm not mistaken, often tying for first or falling slightly behind and pushing multimedia down a step.

So, no, nothing you've said thus far really justifies spending the additional money on an i7 processor. Not to me anyhow.

You might have a look around first and seriously listen to Q and lynk...if for no other reason than holding off 'till prices drop at the very least.

Those are undeniably attractive features. Linus on YT has had custom laptops made and for respectable prices. Also his store has great deals. Sometimes even killer deals that disappear within an hour of first offering. Check it out.

At the very least it is a competitor price wise and selection wise to newegg and tiger direct.

I just really think if you have $1000+ to spend, you still get a nice machine that would suit your needs just fine for LESS and use the left over money to get some other really nice stuff for your machine.

Well it's not my ideal dream machine, haha. I need a lightweight, portable, quality laptop for law school. I have an extremely high-end gaming desktop for gaming purposes, but I might do light gaming on this.

In the end, what I said earlier in this post should answer some questions.

Also, the RAM is necessary - people were reporting that with 4GB some tasks were handling less than optimally. Only $21 to go to 6GB.

And again, I don't care about the discrete GPU much - it's such a weak one that it's barely above the integrated one. But this one is genuinely the only one you can open up and fiddle with. The UX31A variants are soldered down and cannot be modified (RAM or HDD/SSD).

That last factor, and the mandatory at-least-1080p-display thing of mine trump pretty much everything else.

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