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Originally Posted by PR-0927 View Post

Well it's not my ideal dream machine, haha. I need a lightweight, portable, quality laptop for law school. I have an extremely high-end gaming desktop for gaming purposes, but I might do light gaming on this.

In the end, what I said earlier in this post should answer some questions.

Also, the RAM is necessary - people were reporting that with 4GB some tasks were handling less than optimally. Only $21 to go to 6GB.

And again, I don't care about the discrete GPU much - it's such a weak one that it's barely above the integrated one. But this one is genuinely the only one you can open up and fiddle with. The UX31A variants are soldered down and cannot be modified (RAM or HDD/SSD).

That last factor, and the mandatory at-least-1080p-display thing of mine trump pretty much everything else.

- PR-0927
Well, if this is the only model offering what you want, you really have no other choices. If that's what's important to ya, I'm certainly not one to tell you otherwise.

NCIX gives good deals on ram chipsets.

Just something to keep in mind about 1080p on laptops: their cards (especially ones that aren't mid-upper level) have trouble cramming all that down into the screen on laptops. *shrug* May not be the case with yours...but I figure you'd appreciate a heads up just in case.
Do let us know once you've made your decision and you have it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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