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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Well, if this is the only model offering what you want, you really have no other choices. If that's what's important to ya, I'm certainly not one to tell you otherwise.

NCIX gives good deals on ram chipsets.

Just something to keep in mind about 1080p on laptops: their cards (especially ones that aren't mid-upper level) have trouble cramming all that down into the screen on laptops. *shrug* May not be the case with yours...but I figure you'd appreciate a heads up just in case.
Do let us know once you've made your decision and you have it.

Haha thanks, much appreciated. Yeah, I kind of came to a decision based on input from other forums and some friends already. Nobody responded here for quite some time.


And thanks for the heads up on NCIX - I'll check them out!

I was concerned about integrated or barely-discrete GPUs (GeForce GT 620M) running 1080p displays well, but I did a lot of research and found even that the latest integrated GPUs (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge ones) work totally fine (and even can run some games surprisingly well) for 1080p usages.

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