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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Mass Effect may be a b-grade sci-fi movie trilogy, but it's a b-grade trilogy you can be part of. I think that's the reason for ME's success, as opposed to any spectacular quality of writing. It's the emotional engagement of the player with the characters, which Bioware does so well. In this regard, imo it's 'the journey that's more important than the destination' (ie, the playing of the game as opposed to the actual ending), and it's for this reason that I personally will be likely to play these games again.
So then essentially it's no different from any other game.

Usually I'd agree with you, but the ending is such nonsense that it ruined the journey (especially any subsequent journeys) too. I was prepared for multiple runs of the trilogy before I witnessed the ME3 ending leaks... however, now I'm of the opinion that once around is all the series deserves from me. |

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