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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Well, yes. I don't think I implied otherwise. But if there were a distinguishing element of ME that set it apart from other games, I'd say it's Bioware's aforementioned style of emotional engagement. Gamers just can't seem to get over engaging with game-worlds on an interpersonal level (as evidenced by Bioware's extreme success with it's RPG's.. even though the structure of most of those games are almost exactly the same..)
I've played quite a lot of other games... what BioWare has isn't unique, but like I said before, they have successfully followed the formula of creating a game that is also a b-grade sci-fi movie series.

Fair enough. BW did imply that they'd implement an unprecedented level of choice-outcome/storyline permutation complexity. It's quite apparent they didn't deliver. (Though as I've said before, I never took those statements seriously - it just sounded like standard [meaningless] marketing blurb to me).
Don't promise it if you can't deliver. It's just as disappointing as when Nintendo said how the Wii Remotes motion controls would do this, this and this. They only just STARTED delivering what they promised with Skyward Sword but it was too little, too late.

Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post
I agree with you, but I just treat the endings (and the whole ME3, in fact) like parts of the Expanded Universe in Star Wars: completely ignore it. For me the series ended with the destruction of the Collector base. Period. I can replay ME & ME2 to my heart's content, and even if I wanted to play ME3, I can't because I returned it two months ago.

You should try it, it's very cathartic. Haven't felt better since I refunded Dragon Age 2.
Heh, that'd be even better actually. Like one of those oldskool sci-fi shows where a rocket hits the earth and it's half way blowing up at the end of the show with the announcer saying "Will the Earth survive this brutal attack?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME!" and they never make another episode. |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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