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Originally Posted by brendonj28 View Post
can anyone help me with this? I have played kotor 3 the jedi masters and it's the best game ever: but I'm on the planet Etti IV and it saids I have to take out Dak Darnen blue-skinned guy, gluck the rodian and Kellem a gammorrean to get inside the the Kannos's office. I have managed to find Gluck and Kellem, but I can't find Dak Darnen anywhere. I know that you have to speak to the green female twiliek and pay her to find the guy but it only tells me the drinks or dancing options.

I'm not sure if I found the right one so can anyone help me with this please? Can you send me an email about it? My email is -snip-, thank you

Please PM email addresses, thanks!

To be honest, I can't even remember exactly how this works in the 1.0. I think you might not have enough money for her? If not, I think something might not have set right so if you can play through from before the conversation with Dak and Mortlan.

And of course, if you can I would wait for the 2.0 release.

Originally Posted by J4ngo View Post
this is kotor 3 TJM? i thought it was just TJM
I didn't want to call it kotor 3 originally because it placed a bit too much importance on it. Things like the quality of the fmv movies in 1.0 weren't the equivalent of kotor 2, so it didn't seem right. Plus, when I began the project a real kotor 3 still seemed like a possibility, unlike now.

I might release it as "Knights of the Old Republic III : The Jedi Masters" for the new version.

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