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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
The bodies aren't there before Shepard is knocked unconscious. And they are al the same bodies over and over again. Ashley and Kaidan. Ashley is more obvious because of the Pink and White phoenix armour we see nowhere else in the trilogy. Evidence that it's a dream, because Shepard is guilty about Virmire.
A company that doesn't have time on their side wouldn't add this if it wasn't deliberate.
The husks you have to fight when Shepard drags herself into the beam wasn't there before you got knocked out either. They might be responsible for gathering up the bodies for beam transport.

As for re-using art assets, I doubt it was very high priority to give each individual corpse, that most players won't even notice, a unique appearance. Generic corpses are copypaste throughout the trilogy.

As for the white and pink armor (that Ashley isn't wearing in ME3 any more), I doubt the Systems Alliance would give each lowly infantrymen guarding backwater colonies unique and customized armor. Thus it would stand to reason that her armor was standard issue for SA troops of her rank and function, and that thus a lot more of those would be present on an Earth under attack.

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