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Well, I had tried both, (And I did keep the original .exe. I may not understand computers, but I understand English. )

Update: I've reinstalled the game, again (and probably more accurately) following the instructions from post 2. This time I was able to get the game to run (with the original .exe) by setting textures to "low", enabling v-sync, and disabling movies. Changing any of these options causes a crash.

Any ideas why this is? The movies play just fine when they're enabled, but then the game won't load. (Or rather it loads, then crashes on launch.)
Shouldn't setting the textures higher just make it run slower? Why would that make it crash?

Anyway, I've been reading over these forums, and it looks like a lot of people are having trouble running this game on Intel GPUs. I'm wondering: was ANYONE able to run Kotor 2 properly with a chipset similar to mine? My graphics driver is quite new, and there is no "Blit" setting.

Also, would installing a new graphics card fix this problem or make it worse? Are there specific types of cards to avoid?
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