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Originally Posted by Blickan23 View Post
Hello, may I ask when or if the next version will come out? Yeah this is a first time poster but I will surely bring feedback when I have tested this version myself :P

And, how do we know when we have reached at the end of the demo?
Does the program say something when it ends or do we just have to "guess" when it does? I assume it is at Dantooine it ends but if there isn't such a message I would hope the "next version" would bring it up so several more users will know when it ends and what to report.

As I may have already stated I haven't tested this mod(yet) but I will report any bugs I find.

As Im very excited for the full mod! I hope you're progressing very well with this mod
First off, thank you. The next version will come out when all the bugs reported for this version are fixed. There is no message telling the player when the demo is over, seeing as that's rather immersion breaking. Basically, nothing really new is added post Taris, aside from the Iriaz on Dantooine.

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