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Vehicle for JKA

I'm in the making of something I hope can work out as a vehicle, and I have two questions of different proportions.

1. I've made a rough sketch of a flying dinosaur/dragon without wings and teeth and a few horns and such, which I will add soon, but first... Should I stick with this polycount, which is 7184 faces, according to max, OR, should I stick with an even more low poly version I have, with 1730 faces? I don't know how the game would react to the different versions, but I'm gonna add some details, like I mentioned above, and it would be nice to do that on only one of the versions.

2. This tutorial will be useful, but it doesn't explain how to set it up if it has animation. If I had to guess, I'd probably guess that you make animations within a 3ds max project file for what you need, like "walk, run, take off, fly, attack, ranged attack" and so on, and then export it to something and use some kind of file to refer the game to the appropriate frames of each animation, or even export every animations' frames. But, in short...
how would you go on about making this a vehicle... that could fly?

Here they are, left with 7184, right with 1730.

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