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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by JasraLantill View Post
Of course, that was only thanks to Miltiades who told me when not to jump. Thanks, Milt!
And all he got for his effort from Brem was a dirty kick to his....

Originally Posted by JasraLantill View Post
And thanks to Mimartin who gave brilliant directions and didn't get us lost.
Promise next time I will have my list printed on me. It would have been so much easier and faster had I brought the list I made last week from the office to the house.

We got up to Taris... We even took the time to kill the Taris WB for the fun of it. Next time we will do it pantless because it was too easy fully geared.

I went through the ones up to Coruscant twice...Got the ones up to Mar'ina's level. I just don't understand. I got the two hardest on Coruscant on the first try with Mar'ina. I guess a Jedi has more jumping ability than my smuggler. Of course jumping off the ledge in the Works after retrieving the datacron almost cost Mar'ina...she survived with 1% health.

Willing to do this anytime, don't have to wait a month. Just let me know when you two or anyone else is up for it. I plan on going ahead and getting organized and getting them all for Brem, so hopefully I will have a better idea where the all are next time.

Will not be able to do it this weekend, as much as I love TOR it does not surpass a weekend (July 7th and 8th) in Austin, Texas.

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