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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
You could get around the module limitation technically by first going to another module, spawning him/her there and THEN removing them from the party.
Handy if you want that party member added for just a map, say, cleaning a base.

So, for example;
Talking to the new party member.
Getting taken to a new module where to use him, which is a one-shot (say, end of Taris).
Spawn, remove, add new NPC as member, leaving the old member behind.
Add to the .dlg that when the stuff is done, the new is removed and he/she re-added and re-warp somewhere else.

Of course, that's just one example, more could be done with that...
Yeah, I was thinking this too - a bit more warping involved, but it could be worth it.
Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
So if I added the NPC as a puppet, it wouldn't spawn on the Hawk correct? And I could just use a normal recruit function whenever I wanted them back?
Correct. Remove them from the party table, add them to the puppet table, and you can even delete them safely and recover them later at any point. You can spawn an available puppet just like you can with a party member; as long as they are in the table, their information is stored.

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