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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
So is there any chance of a list of all the Lucasforums people on The Harbinger? I /who Walking Carpets on my Rep sometimes and see people, but I don't message because I don't know who they are on the forums here. And on my Imp I don't know any of the LFers so I don't know who to talk to there.

Maybe if we could have a topic with the names of most of the LFers' in-game names?

Mine are Hayne on Rep side, Aegean on Imp side.
We've got a guild roster for the Walking Carpets that should easily tell which people are which in-game, an Imperialist Basterds guild roster is on its way. By the way, I've added your imp character to my friends list because, if I recall, you wanted the character added to the guild. Haven't seen you online yet, but maybe that's because I haven't been on as much these last few days. My main is Darec on the imp side.

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