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I said faces because max said faces, when pressing 7. The model is mostly quads though, so why (or how) should it be given in triangles?

I think I'll take the chance on the "high" res version. 100 frames per animation should be fine. But, do I have to manually make the animations "compatible" with each other, as in making one animation's end point to the exact starting point of the next (potential) animation, or does the game automatically animate more or less smoothly between the seperated animations? For example, dragon flying - flap flap - then breathing fire or something - immediately snaps from the flying animation or goes smoothly between?

Also, I do all these things with a single player campaign in mind. I read something about it being impossible to make your own single player campaign for JKA, but don't know if it's true, or how to interpret it. In any case, if I have to do this for JKO (which I had planned to do originally), what will be required to alter, to make it a functioning vehicle (I suspect a bit more hassle than for JKA)? But it should be possible, since you have AT-STs working fine in JKO, at least for single player. Only I don't know how tags and all kinds of game sensitive details that are involved for JKO, when making custom vehicles and NPCs and such.

Did you mean you told the frames file which frames were which, or that you made files for each animation, and referred the locations and names? I can see in that JKA animations zip that all the files are xsi, and that they're seperated instead of in one animation in different parts. (Oh, and if you know how to watch the animations in 3ds max, with the mesh moving as well, not just the tags and whatever it is, please tell )

I'll keep the exporting in mind. I did use 3ds max 6 for exporting XSI, because of a non functioning xsi exporter for max 8, when creating my character model. Thanks so far!

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