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Malavai Quinn didn't turn around as he heard the sound of an igniting lightsaber. He didn't smile or draw his weapon to defend himself. In fact, the only thing that he did was sigh heavily.

"I didn't want to do it you know."

Toryal walked closer to him and deactivated his lightsaber. He should have known that he couldn't intimidate Quinn but he had to know why he had done what he had done to Vette.

"Why then? What possible reason could you have had for attempting to murder Vette? I know that you two have had your disagreements and you were often annoyed by her lack of protocol while we spoke to Darth Baras but still...I thought you considered her a friend Quinn. I thought you thought of her as a member of this crew!"

Toryal's voice rose as he advanced on Quinn who didn't move an inch. "Vette saved my life more times than I can count Quinn! She saved your life more than once when we were on Taris! Why did you do it?! Why did you try to kill her?!"

Quinn's voice remained calm and even. "Her death was ordered by Darth Baras shortly after we left Taris."

Toryal's eyes widened in shock. "Why?" He asked quietly

Quinn's gaze never left Toryal. "I wondered that myself when I was first contacted by him. He told me that she was becoming a distraction to you, she was becoming a risk. A tool that our enemies would use against us."

Quinn's gaze hardened. "My lord...I disagreed with him at first. I told him I thought she should be dropped off on a populated planet somewhere. A place where she would be safe. But Darth Baras was adamant: She had to die. He knew as well as I did, that you would tear the galaxy apart to find her. As far as Baras is concerned, she is a threat to you."

Toryal's hand clenched into a fist.

"Imagine for a moment my lord, if you had to make a choice between saving Vette's life or killing a high ranking member of an enemy force, which would you choose?"

Toryal narrowed his eyes.

"You would have chosen to save Vette even if it meant letting a victory slip through your fingers. I do not wish to kill Vette my lord, but if a situation like that arises I know what you will choose to do."

Toryal's hand shot out and gripped Quinn's arm. He had to fight to resist the urge the crush the bones in his arm. He could hear Jaesa's words echoing through his mind: Think before you act. Think about what Vette would want you to do. She wouldn't want you to kill Quinn in a blind rage, I know she wouldn't.

"Quinn...right now you can thank the woman that you poisoned for your continued existence. Vette would never forgive me if I killed you in cold blood, but I want you to understand one thing: From this moment on, you will be watched. You are forbidden to go near Vette until she is fully recovered. You are no longer allowed to carry a sidearm unless I say otherwise."

Toryal leaned closer to Quinn and smiled darkly. And if you ever receive an order from Darth Baras you will tell me or I will make sure that you are demoted and posted on Tatooine for the rest of your natural life. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes my lord."

Toryal let go of his arm and turned without another world and headed for the medical bay, leaving Malavai Quinn feeling lucky that he was still in one piece. Truth be told, he had never met a sith like Toryal and he still didn't know what to think.
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