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Originally Posted by Kuai-Donn Jorn View Post
Hey guys..

I need a favor which would make this mod Im kinda working on go smoother and timelier, since I dont have much time to mod anymore and have fallen out of it as of late.

Basically I just need someone that knows what they are doing to take Shem's "Bao-Dur wears Jedi Robes" head model and make a copy of it (with animations, i cant seem to be able to retain the head animations), with a newly renamed head texture (P_ZabrakH), and then renaming the head to P_ZabrakH.mdl/.mdx.

Pretty simple right?

Basically this will be a new playable Zabrak head that would have a normal player body so that he could wear robes and such..I was successful in making the new P_Zabrak head, but the animations were missing, I dont know if that was from Shem's head model or something I wasnt doing, but the skins are being worked on to the best of my ability.

Who's game?

So, you want to use the head, as-is, for use as a playable PC? Well, all you have to do is rename the head model, match the skin's name to it, and then in heads.2da, just rename the character that you want to replace(example would be PMHA01) and then fill in the texture slots with the names of your textures.

Alternatively, you might just rename the zabrak head and skins to a row already in heads.2da, that way you won't have to mess with TSLPatcher, if you don't want to.
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