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Well, I'm back. And with a scripting problem. I'm doing a request that requires adding the items to the locker on the Endar Spire. I edited the k_inc_end.nss script, which details the Endar Spire, and when I compile it with KT, saving it as k_inc_end.ncs, it compiles, but there's no output file. I try it with HazardX's compiler, and it's an include file and becomes ignored. The specific parts of code I added were these:
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Before you ask, yes I have the tags correct, the files in the override, and yes they all work in-game. But I can't find a solution. Nothing else has been modified, so it's not a capitalization error. It is an include file, but in what should I include it? Thanks for the help in advance guys.

I read this thread about compiling scripts, and discovered that the "_CompileAll.bat" file included in HazardX's compiler download is faulty, at least for me. I copied down the code in the thread linked above and made my own "Compile.bat" It worked, but the script didn't. I ended up slagging the above script and used this one instead:

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This was taken and modified right from the "k_inc_end.nss". And yet, I hit compile in KT, and try the compile.bat I made, and I get
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Any suggestions, guys?

EDIT3:I slagged everything, as far as the script went. I went with the following:[HIDDEN]
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It all compiled fine. No more worries.

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