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Hey yall! I've been lurking around this site for YEARS (since like '07) I just never thought of joining..... Until now!
Soooo here it goes...
Location: small hick town Texas (the town population's a little over 2000)
Gender: female
Race: mexicano
Age: 17
Job: pfffff
Hobbies: swimmin, basketball, tennis, readin, sleepin, and video games of course!
Social Security Number: 5830 .... Ehhhhh!!!

Umm I can play the trombone and the piano like a boss (not really I'm last chair ) My favorite type of music is hard rock, favorite types of movies are action or comedy (or anything with Chris Hemsworth ), my favorite video game (sides kotor) is assassin's creed ii. I currently bought skyrim, so needless to say I haven't slept in the past month. I have two book reports and a movie review due pretty soon... Haven't even started haha. Um my laugh can be heard across a football stadium, I have glasses AND braces (uh) oh and I have a home made princess Leia costume in my closet
And that's it really haha.
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