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Crashing on Korriban

I've just finished the Leviathan stage, after all the dialogue and the dream of the Star Forge Map on Korriban, as soon as the game is supposed to return to the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, I get a crash on my KOTOR saying it "stopped working ." I have mods installed so I uninstalled and tried again but still didn't work.

The game hasn't given me any problems except for this and my laptop can more than handle the game's performance requirements. (Running Windows 7.)

Any fixes?
This is when I first get on Korriban after the Leviathan. (Korriban is my 4th planet.)

Mods just in-case.
Mods Installed:
-Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge (+ Patch)
-Romancing of Bastila
-Jedi Robe Council Style
-K1 Force Pack v2
-Lightsaber Choices v2
-Recruitable Kay (Including Hotfixes, Sound Patch and Patch 1.01)
-Light Side Revan Armour
-Revan's Cape Fix
-Revans Robe Revisioned
-Saber Skins
-Visual Effects K1

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