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Originally Posted by Kuai-Donn Jorn View Post
So then all I have to do is rename P_Bao_DurH.mdl/.mdx to P_ZabrakH.mdl/.mdx, match the new texture name and drop it all in override?
How is the head going to know what texture to use?
In the heads.2da, you can specify the head model name, head texture, and othe head textures(aka darkside transitions).

Here's a pic:
Show spoiler

As long as you match your skins up with the template:
Model->LS texture->Full DS texture->Partial DS texture for the next three slots

everything oughta end just fine. I might also mention that you want to make sure that the right Heads.2da row number is inserted in the Appearance.2da slot, it's called 'normalhead'. The other head slot immediately after it is for a backup head, in the event that the same head is already present(ie.You have Mira's head as your own, and she joins the group.)
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