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Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
Which edition(s) will you get?
Pro, because that's how I roll.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Sorry about the bump and DP, but I thought that some here would find this interesting.

MS is going to offer an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro to just about anyone in the US, including you crazy XP users, for $40. Note that Windows 8 Pro is the top-of-the-line version of Windows 8, equivalent to the ultimate versions of Vista and 7, making this a hell of a bargain that I'll probably be taking advantage of. This is download-only (but you can make your own disk); the disk version will be $70.

MS could very well make a similar offer outside of the US as well, so those of you who do not reside in the Great Republic Experiment might be able to get in on this, too.
Hnn, I doubt such a promo will come to NZ, but if it does, I'll probably jump on. But whether I'll actually start using 8 then remains undecided. I'll have to check it's general compatibility with existing software and whatnot.

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