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At this moment no, but this is just my Opinion. I understand its a new game, but it has been built to make implementing basic MMO systems almost impossible. To make this a living breathing MMO that I would personally enjoy as much as other MMO's I've played they would need to rebuild 70% of the game from scratch.

Open World, worth re-visiting planets, non linear
Player Housing
Fun expanded Economy
Guild cities/ships
ability to Change Faction and Profession
Hybrid skill sets
Post-Player creation Customisation (Barber, plastic surgeon)
Non Combat Professions (Crafter, Entertainer, swoop racer, smuggler (actually smuggles)
Customisable Ships, more styles and types (ie; not same ship for each class)
Day/night, weather cycle
Completely rebuild sharding system.. in fact the whole engine is crap
Remove Companions, just add pets or droid familiars (Give a buff, help in combat when needed, but not a necessity)
Letting people have the damn names they want instead of having to change them cause you spread your servers too thin

Again this is just my opinion, and thats how it will remain I assume, please don't quote me to try and prove me wrong or call me unrealistic... I just have very specific MMO tastes, tastes that have unfortunately fallen out of favor. people, or game companies it seems, want a "Quick Buck" on rails theme-park. sucks to be me lol

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