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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Your Wrong, but thats ok I cant do my dailies on Corelia without my DPS comp, and me set as a Healer, Just Saiyan
Why not? I can do them all but the CtS without my companion (and do when they are out on crewskills) with my Scoundrel... Hell I can even do the acid bath one with only one antidote as long as I have upper hand stacked. I can even do Lessons Learned on Belsavis solo (without companion) with either my Scoundrel or my Shadow (not saying I kill the Champs solo, just that I get credit for the quest without dying). With companion I even kill the champs.

I can also do all but CtS solo with my Shadow and that is without using CCs, since I am trying to learn to DPS better I've been limiting my companion use, stealth and my CCs use. My Shadow can't do CtS even with companion and another DPS, but my healer can take anyone through CtS just with companions. You can find the worse level 50 DPS player and if they can stay out of breaking CCs and use a Tank companion I will get them through CtS. I will say the one thing Scondrels have on Sages is the CCs and Stealth, however that is more than made up for in Sages ability to heal.

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