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Two Days Later

Toryal hadn't slept in two days, he also hadn't left the medbay since he had warned Quinn to stay away from Vette. He hadn't meditated or spoken to any other member of the crew other then Jaesa who had been checking on Vette every two hours. He hadn't eaten anything or drank anything.

Jaesa walked into the medbay and sighed heavily as she watched her Master stare down at the floor. Whever she entered the medbay Toryal would either be watching Vette or staring down at the floor.

"Master..." She said quietly as she sat down next to him. "I told you yesterday that she is out of danger. I'm not going to kick you out of the medbay but I think you should either get some sleep or meditate even if it only is for a short while. You can't keep going like this."

Toryal shook his head. "It's my fault this happened. I should have known that Baras wouldn't allow anyone to interfere in his mission against the republic. I should have realized that his reach extended to our crew."

Jaesa sighed again. "Master...he won't be able to do anything like this again. Quinn is the only one who had contact with Baras. I checked the communications logs and no one else has had contact with him."

"I know."

"We both know that I would never do anything like this and I doubt that Pierce would do anything like this either. You've made sure that Quinn can never try to pull anything like this again."

"It's not the crew that I'm worried about. The galaxy is full of dangers and I know that I can't protect her from them."

" seem to forget that Vette is a strong, clever woman. She survived on her own for many years before she met you. She managed to save your life more times then I can count. You need to realize that she can look after herself and defend herself."

Toryal sighed heavily and looked over at Vette and Jaesa noticed a small tear forming in his left eye. "When I think of Vette...I just want to shield her, protect her from everything and I don't know why."

Jaesa's eyes widened slightly in shock as she heard Toryal's words. Her Master was nothing like the other sith that she knew but still, to hear words like that put a sudden thought in her mind.

Is is possible that he's in love with Vette?

The tear rolled down his cheek and hit the floor without a sound and Toryal smiled slightly as he watched as Vette's eyes fluttered once but remained closed.

"When I think of Vette...of the countless ways shes saved my life...I can't help but feel the need to make sure that she's happy and safe."

"Master..." She asked cautiously. "I know that it isn't my place to ask it possible that you may be in love with Vette? I know she's been with you longer then the rest of us and I know that you have a bond with her."

Toryal looked up. "I...don't know." He said quietly.

"I just don't know."
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