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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
I like the captain's rework enough too, but there's a few parts I'm not as keen on, mainly because they aren't acurate with the content in the mod (you weren't to know of course, you haven't played it ).

So, following on from all that, here's what could be the final crawl that I'm very happy with :

Show spoiler
This really does look great, I just have a small suggestion if I may?
(FYI, I've been watching this project for a VERY long time, just never posted till now.)
My suggestions are just a few wording alterations...

Show spoiler

I hope this is helpful. And if not, simply disregard. But I would love to be able to say that I had an impact on this project

And on a more personal note, Trex, you are a god among men. Your work on this is AMAZING! Have you considered applying for a writer/designer position with BioWare, or another Lucas Arts affiliate? Just a thought.
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