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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
So I FINALLY saw it.

And... it was great... I mean, I took it as it was and unlike a lot of people around the net, I'm not asking too many questions and trying to dissect every little bit of it to try to make sense of every single frame.

That said... I don't like the way it ended... Why? Because they could've easily tied it into a neat bow and said "this is where it starts for Alien"... instead they're saying "wait for Prometheus 2"... which is stupid.

What they should have done:
The setting shouldn't have been a moon designated LV-223, it should have been the planetoid designated LV-426 from the original Alien movie.

Fpr the epilogue, instead of the engineer simply dying as the proto-facehugger implanted him, he should have woken up during the epilogue, crawled his way back to the pilot chair of his ship, got back into his space suit and tried to initiate the medical scan or something, but before he can the chestburster happens and he dies as you see his corpse in Alien with the queen being born right there on the ship.

If those two things were different about this movie then it would pretty much be able to be tied directly to Alien and Prometheus would be an awesome stand-alone prequel setup to Alien.

However, that's not how it happens in the movie... and that makes me sad.
Cool ideas Lynk I'm glad you liked it.

I'm hoping a sequel will maybe be taken to LV-426 it would be cool because it's definitely wide open at the end.

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